Free Seo Web Tool Free Seo Web Tool

Google Cache Checker

This tool allows checking last cached date of a web page. Google cache of web pages in bulk can be checked through this tool which is its real advantage.

Fake Google Pagerank Checker

Fake google page rank checker tool is used to check whether the page rank is fake OR real. You can check page rank also by use of this tool.

Google Index Checker

It instantly checks if a webpage is indexed by the Google search engine It also make sure if that page appears in Google search. Spam check need here.

Google Index Count

Google index count checker tool used to check total number of pages in a website has been indexed by Google. You can count your index pages in bulk. Spam check needed !

Google PageRank Checker

This tool is helpful to check page rank of any website easily and instantly. You can check pagerank of 10 URL at a single click through this tool.

Google PlusOne Count

Google +1 Count checker can count +1 like of a web page which one might be interested in reading. You can count +1 like of 10 webpages in a single click.

MoZ Domain Authority

MoZ Domain Authority

Domain authority checker can helps you to check DA, PA, Moztrust and Mozrank. Fastest tool with CAPTCHA needed, check authority up to 50 at a time.

MozRank Checker

MozRank Checker

MozRank checker is used to understand popularity of a webpage on the basis of quality of pages linked to it. Check mozrank up to 50 domain at a time.

MozTrust Checker

MozTrust Checker

MozTrust Checker provides you to check Moztrust, Mozrank, DA and PA of 50 domains in a single click. Fastest tool with CAPTCHA needed.

MoZ Page Authority

MoZ Page Authority

Free and fast page authority checker tool in bulk. This tool provides you Pa, Da, Moztrust and Mozrank of 50 domains in a single click.

Bing Cache Checker

From this tool you can check your domain or webpages is cached by Bing search engine or not. You can check upto 10 URL in a single go.

Bing Index Checker

Bing index checker tool used to check index result in Bing Search engine. The Bing search engine has come up recently and is working in hands with Yahoo.

Bing Index Count

You can check your total number of index pages in bing search engine by use of this tool. You can count index pages up to 10 website in a single click.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

Majestic seo tool gives you Majestic's site info like trust flow and citation flow etc. You can check up to 10 domains in a single go.

Ahrefs SEO Info

Ahrefs SEO Info

This tool checks the Ahrefs SEO's site info. It gives information about URL rating, Backlinks, Domain Rating, Referring Domains and Aherfs Rank.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Use our free plagiarism checker for duplicacy detection to make sure your article or content is plagiarism free or not. This is best plagiarism checker tool.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is a best method to put image file as an input and get results related and similar to your image from search engines.

Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank checker helps to know the Alexa ranking secured by a webpage. It helps to check out Alexa rank for any number of website. Spam check required here.

Alexa SEO Report

Alexa SEO Report

Alexa rank checker helps to know the Alexa ranking secured by a webpage. It helps to check out Alexa rank for any number of website. Spam check required here.

Backlink Checker

Free backlink checker tool used to check backlinks for any webpage. It scans the links and keywords and find out the number of backlinks. Spam check required here.

Baidu Index Count

Baidu Index Count

Baidu Index Count is a famous SEO tool which is more used in China. The media exposure and users concern could be found out with this key word index checker.

DMOZ Listing Count

DMOZ Listing Count

You can check DMOZ Listing Count website in bulk by use of this tool. Put website in text area and click evaluate button to get DMOZ Listing's result.

Inbound & Outbound Links

Inbound and outbound link counter helps to get information on the outgoing links. Users can use and make it beneficial for link building process.

Meta tag Checker

By just entering the website information in the online meta tag checker tool, you can check meta tags up to 10 websites in a single click.

Reciprocal Link Checker

Reciprocal Link Checker tool is helpful to know if link partners are linking back to our site and is used to check status of reciprocal links for free.

SEMrush Info

SEMrush has the data, information and even expertise to help the professionals. This tool helps you to find your keyword's ranking in Google search engine.

Yahoo Cache Checker

Yahoo cache checker tool helps you to find your webpages is chached by yahoo OR not. You can check up to 10 websites in a single click.

Bulk Whois Checker

Bulk Whois checker used to collect a number of information such as Registration Date, Expires Date, Nameservers, Owner Email and Registrar name.

CUGE Rank Checker

CUGE Rank Checker

This tool will check cuge rank of given sites. Cuge Rank is also a web page ranking tool which is mainly used in Indonesia and also globally.

Domain Age Checker

Domain age checker tool used to check age of any domain in bulk. Put domain in text area and check your domain age in seconds, spam check required!

FaceBook Likes Count

The more number of likes for a web page attracts more traffic. Facebook Likes Count tool is powerful way to count facebook likes.

IP Report

IP Report tool helps to find out the used and available IP Addresses of any network just by submitting the Domain's detail. spam check required!

Site Status

Here is an emergence of site Status tool that help to check the server status of the website right away. Check Online/Offline status of your website in bulk.

Title Description & Keyword Extractor

To extract title tag, description and keyword of any website in bulk, then here is an emergence of Title, Description and Keywords Extractor tool.

Open Multiple URLs

It allows users to enter a set of URL that can be opened in different tabs. This is useful for the user as the browser automatically collect address from the given content.

Anonymous Mail Sender

Anonymous Mail Sender helps to send mails to any Email ID and from any Eail ID without exposing any information about your identity or email address.

Email Extractor

This is a handy tool which allows users to extract email addresses from any website. Just put lots of web site in text box and get email address of each website.

Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator is the best free tool to generate random passwords. By use of this tool you can get your password quick and easy for free.

Password Strength Checker

Check the strength of your passwords with our password strength checker tool. Protect your account from hackers by use of this tool.

Unique Duplicate Checker

Unique Duplicate Checker

Unique Duplicate Checker tool allows you to find duplicate value exist in one column. You can get duplicate value in millions of URls by use of this tool.

What is my IP?

From this tool you can find your own IP address, Hostname, Browser, Language, Platform, User-agent, Screen Width/Height and your IP city location.