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Majestic SEO Tool is one of the best backlink checker tools for any SEO specialists. Whether you want to check your own website's SEO strength or several websites owned by your clients, this tool can help you to do that. Checking the backlinks that you have on your website can help you to determine the value of your website in the search engine. The more quality backlinks that you have, the higher your search engine ranking will be.

The entire Majestic SEO Tool offers various useful tools to check trust flow and citation flow of your website for SEO performance analysis. Site Explorer is the tool that helps you to check a domain name or a specific URL and analyze various information regarding the domain or URL in great details. The backlink history checker helps you to check the number of backlinks that are pointed to your domain, sub-domain, and specific URLs. The search explorer tool allows you to search for specific keywords and display the search results, along with the search score for each URL.

Majestic Trust Flow

Majestic bulk checker offers something called free trust flow checker as a way for you to bulk check trust flow level of your website. You just need to enter your URL and check how many quality backlinks that are pointing to your URL. The more quality backlinks that you have, the more trust flow value that you will get. The more trust flow value that you have, the more trustworthy your URL will be considered by the search engine. Remember that search engines will only place trustworthy URLs in the highest position in the search engine result.

So, knowing your trust flow score is important to keep you informed about the level of trustworthiness of each of your URLs, so that you can improve them as necessary. You can do that by building more quality backlinks for your URLs.

Majestic Citation Flow

The Majestic Citation Flow helps you to determine whether your website URL is influential or not on the internet. This can also be used to predict how your website URL can become viral online. The Majestic Citation Flow allows you to check how influential your URL by checking how many sites that are linking to your URL. Remember that the citation flow checker will also check the quality level of your backlinks, as to provide the best estimate for your citation flow score.

The more citation flow scores that you have, the better will be your chance to win in the search engine competition, since search engines will usually place the most influential URLs on the first page of their search result.

We offer strongest tool called "Trust Flow Checker" for checking on quality of backlinks associated with your website. On copy pasting URL addresses of your websites in box provided here would be fine for carrying out test on Trust Flow by yourself. Clicking on "Check Trust Flow" after providing necessary URL address of your website in the box, our tool would analyze quality of backlinks that were linked to your website and would provide with a value. This value tells standard level of your website quality.

Trust Flow Checker tool is used to measure how safe your website is. This strong tool can also be used to check the quality of backlinks linked to your website. You have to copy and paste your website’s URL and check for standard level and trustworthy of your website. Even several URLs can be checked in the meantime with this tool.

Majestic SEO - Form

Majestic SEO Tool allows you to check the trust flow level and the citation flow level of your URLs. The trust flow score allows you to determine the trustworthiness of your URLs, whereas the citation flow score allows you to determine the influence level of your URLs. You can enter up to 10 URLs at the same time.

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